A Different Type of Adventure

This week our adventure is a bit different.

My girlfriend Elise and I did this 36 question assignment that is supposed to let you get to know each other better. It was fun but also challenging . It took us quite a while to get through and to be truthful we didn’t even know how to begin answering most of the questions.

Personally, I did not really like the questions, we couldn’t answer them well and some of them were to personal for us to share on camera. It was an adventure though, after we were done recording we laughed a lot.

When I asked Elise about how she felt about it, she said the questions “were to personal, and hard to answer.” She felt it would of gone better had the questions been more simpler to which I agreed.

Elise did feel that she “understood” me better after doing the exercise, which I think is the whole point of doing it.

I also felt that I knew Elise better as well.

What I can tell you from doing this experience is that we both really do love each other.  It was a lot of fun for us, and maybe in ten years will do it again, I think it will go better. Below is our recording its fourteen minutes long but we figured we would share our adventure with you.

*This video is not edited we wanted it to be a raw recording.

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