Roads Untraveled

This weekend, I went home late Saturday night, because I wanted to see some friends who had come into town for the weekend. Sunday morning upon waking up I decided I would attend church. Something I haven’t done since I moved into school over a month ago.


I went to church and saw my friends. It was a nice time. I decided afterward that I would go home and visit my mother, who I haven’t seen since school started as well. (I did not come from home, I came from a friend’s house)

As I traveled home on my regular route I encountered a “Road Closed” sign. A local bridge is being replaced.

Thank god I know how to read. If I didn’t I would have plowed through the signs, not knowing what they meant. My 2008 Gray Pontiac G5 and I, would have plunged into to the creek below. I would have probably died. My car would have been a goner.


Reading saved my life.

What happened next is the adventure part of the day. I didn’t know how to get home. I only knew one way. That was to cross the bridge and die.

Inconvenienced, I pulled up my GPS on my smart phone to find a way home. The GPS wanted me to go across the bridge that was closed. That could not happen

So, I read the map of the local roads around me. I figured out a way home. I read the map and made a plan.


Angrily, I started to drive home. I went down roads I had never been down before. I saw things I never had seen before. Along the way I came across some of the most beautiful old farm houses, situated on cute little farms.

The crazy thing was, I was going down roads that are only ten minutes away from home. For me they were uncharted territory. By the time I got home I was no longer angry. I was quite happy.

That unfamiliar drive home turned into a great adventure. I will always remember my drive home. Maybe some time I will go just for fun, to see the farms again.

It was an exciting experience. While I was unhappy, I created an adventure out something that was really inconveniencing to me at first.

And that is what this blog is all about.

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