The Power of Reading


We often take for granted the power we have in reading. Reading means so much to us as human beings. However, we often do not think of its value.

There are many different ways that we read on a daily basis. Maybe you read a book or a magazine. Maybe you read on your phone. Maybe you read the news. Maybe you read sports. You read the text messages people send you. You read what your friends post on social media. You read signs and things of importance.


Whatever you do, I can almost guarantee that reading comes in along the way.

Now you might ask Jared, why would reading come into play for a blog that is about everyday adventure? It is a great question. Many people have the idea that reading is inconvenient, or a waste of time.

As a college student when I hear the term read, it gives me a yucky feeling at first. When your professor tells you to read something, more than likely it’s going to be something you don’t want to read. The task assigned isn’t in your interest.


However, we fail to realize is that reading is a huge part in our daily adventure. What would it be like if we could not read? For many of us there was time in our life where we could not read. We most likely don’t remember it.

There are many people in the world who cannot read. According to The World Literacy Project 757,000,000 people in the world cannot read. About 30,000,000 of them live right here in the United States. That is about fourteen percent of our population.


I challenge you for a second to think about what your daily adventure. What would be like if you could not read? It would be much more difficult.

I for one value to my ability to read.

Reading has taken me on so many adventures in life.  Sometimes reading takes me down new exciting adventures that I want to take. Other times, it helps prevent me from taking adventures that I defiantly do not want to take.  Reading also takes me on adventures I don’t want to take but have to take anyways.

Often, I find myself in little adventures while I read. I love to read books, specifically fiction books. Currently, I am going through a book called Imagining America. It’s a set of short stories on immigration. I find myself as I read putting myself into the stories. As if I am there.

In my imagination I am creating an adventure. For a second, I take myself out of the world. I am in the story. It’s amazing. I just made an adventure right out of my bed.


I also read the news a lot. I think the news itself is an adventure. When I read the news I am learning about something new. I am imagining what it is like to be there in the news story. I try my best to put myself in that person’s shoes. That is an adventure.


Reading is an adventure.



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