Defining Everyday Adventure

Everyday adventure is quite different from those big adventures we think of. To get us into thinking about everyday adventure I am going to list some terms that makes me think of components of my everyday adventure.

1 . Shoes



2 . Walk Ways


3 . Hairspray


4 . Food


5. My Bed


Now I know what your thinking. How in the world do these terms have anything to do with adventure. Maybe the first two make a little bit of sense to you, but I guarantee the last three probably do not. Let me go into more detail.

Shoes are a necessity for my daily life. I own several pair of them. Of course I have my favorites, but for me putting on shoes means going outside. Outside means going on adventure.

Do you ever realize that we truly have no idea what is going to happen when we go outside. We lace up or shoes, slide on our boots, and put on our flip flops for an experience that only god knows about. IMG_1676

Yes we can predict what will happen when we go outside but we don’t really know. My shoes show miles. I walk miles and miles everyday. Many of my shoes go to different places including countries, states, cities, and experiences. Most of my miles are right in the places around me.

Many of my shoes are worn on the bottoms. Their is mud on the sides, or at least their stained brown from the dust. Inside they all have the print of my foot that identifies them to me.


My shoes tell the story of my life, they are apart of my adventure.

Walkways, walkways are important. They define where we go and what we see. Think about it how often do we follow a walkway to where we go daily.

I bet most of time you stick to the same walkway whether its to work, class, or anywhere else walkways lead us places. While I don’t like to define my life by walkways, often I create my own, they still create some of my biggest adventures.


Today was a perfect example of a walkway leading to an example. The concrete walkway to class was covered in water. I continued on my way to class on my rural western Pennsylvania campus only too find a few steps later that our campus was experiencing the biggest flood many had ever seen.

While this was incredibly sad to see our campus underwater, the adventure of it was that many of us came out as a community to spectate. We talked, many of us in disbelief, and took photos with our cellphones. Walking down that walkway created a new adventure for me, one I will not forget.


You never know where your walkways will take you.

Hairspray also defines part of my daily adventure. Its quite funny. That green Garnier Fructis bottle really is an adventure in itself to me.

Looks can be an adventure. If you know me and as you get to know me,  you’ll see that many photos of me look different. Why? Well my hair takes a different style everyday. It really depends on what my hairspray wants to do.


It is truly unpredictable.

Food its a very general term. Why would I put such a general term in my blog. There are probably millions of different types of food in world. I love food , its one of my favorite things. Food in itself can be an adventure.

Food is more of a symbolic thing for me though. Food means conversation. It means fellowship generally. Many meals in life we eat with others and some alone.

Fore me there each an adventure. A meal with friends brings stories of the day, what has gone on, what we have experienced. We fellowship with each other and share our adventures.


Many times our conversations turn into adventures but we share one thing in common. The food that we came for is what brought us together. It gave us our adventure.

My Bed probably the messiest place I know. If you came into my bedroom right now you would see a pile of covers, books, paper, items, my remote, laptop, and me in my bed.

My bed is my workplace. It is where I come up with some of my best ideas. I read here, watch the news, write, and so much more.

It is so significant to my adventure. Beneath this pile of sheets and items is a person. That person is me. I make my adventure. Many of my daily begin my adventures start from here. I get up and go from here. I create from my bed.

My bed is my central location. I literally do everything from here.


These five terms are all very important to my daily adventures. Really there are probably hundreds of terms that can fit into my daily adventures. When you decide to open your life to being an adventure, you never know what will happen in your day.

Which of these terms is most important? I really don’t know. I think there all important. We define our daily adventures ourselves, so to you one of these terms may be very important, or maybe it is another one not listed.

For me the most important term in this list is my bed. Let me tell you more about this place of adventure.

Its not what many people think of a bed. Many people think of a bed as a place to sleep or to make love at. My bed is more like an office. Yes I do sleep here but there is so much more to it.

If you looked at my bed right now you would see a pile of covers. There is turquoise blue sheet covering the mattress that does not match the my sheet or pillow case because I spilled juice all over my bed.


My blankets are heaped up on my bed. I get hot at night and push them to bottom. If you look carefully there not in order. My comforter is first then my sheet and the blanket that is suppose to be in the middle is on top.

There is lots of stuff in my bed. If you looked through it you might find a few shirts, socks, and underwear. There also is random deodorant  sticks and bottles of cologne laying around.

You can also see my office components. Notebooks, pens, books, and my laptop are strewn about.  There are things everywhere. If your lucky you may even find a bag of chips.


My bed is one of my happy places. I create here. When I write my stories, do my research, and read my articles it is done right here. I got a job from here. Almost everything that is important in my life’s adventure has happened here.

Daily life most of the time is in my bed. It is where I live and adventure. Whether my adventure starts here, or is entirely from here, this place is important to me.


If your adventure doesn’t start in your bed, try it sometime.



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